Posted by: duncandrews | April 20, 2009

You know you’re a parent when…

Ahh such a delicate little flower...

Ahh such a delicate little flower...

When do you know you’re a parent? When do you realise that things changed irreversibly the moment your child/ren was/were born?

Here are some of my ways…

1. I get excited about Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy going for rides on the Ninky Nonk. And that doesn’t sound at all stupid. Isn’t that a pip?! Pip-pip, onk-onk!

2. The 5-second rule becomes the 5-minute rule… Or perhaps the 5-day rule… Eating things off the ground doesn’t seem quite so unhygienic any more.

3. Holidays are all about what makes the her happy.

4. 7.30 is a major sleep in.

5. A kiss as she goes to bed is the best thing in the world. And the first time I’ve sat down in quiet all day.


If you’re not a parent, when do you know your friends are no longer dinks but have kids? When they ring you up at 8 in the morning assuming everyone’s been awake for 2 hours already??


  1. – Every single night praying for their Salvation/Sanctification. That they would step out from our covenant into their own with the Lord in His good time.
    – Experiencing the crushing defeat in Mario Kart at the hands of my eldest.
    – Watching them be excited about creating and using their imagination.
    – Hearing them run to the door when I shake the keys in the lock.
    – Plastering my office walls with pictures drawn by them.

    Man, you could just keep going. So much awesome!

  2. Harry beat you in MarioKart? Man, you’re losing form!

    • I know! Crazy stuff 🙂 So proud.

  3. Another one from literally 2 minutes ago:
    “Woah, look at all that corn! That went straight through you didn’t it!”

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