Posted by: duncandrews | April 21, 2009

A Wave

Nobby's Beach, Port Macquarie

Nobby's Beach, Port Macquarie

A wave, I think, is a curious thing,
all promise and bluster and pride,
all power in glorious stride
on incoming tide
with churning sting.

Relentless in crash and boom,
you rise like Goliath in wrath;
you spit your foam and froth
like ragged cloth;
foolish man’s tomb.

You rise, and tall you stand;
but then you downwards tumble,
your song a mere rumble
stopped by humble
grain of sand.

Nobby's Beach, Port Macquarie

Nobby's Beach, Port Macquarie


  1. Nice one Dunc. And nice blog too.

  2. Hey mate,
    Thanks – i’m still a newbie, we’ll see how long it lasts!
    I think going back to classes tomorrow might reduce my blog-time…

  3. Hi Duncan!

    Just discovered your blog (via Justin M).

    Hope you get enough time to keep it up!

    Nic (and Dave)

  4. Hi Nicole – thanks, I’ll do my best! Although after my greek class today …

    Say hi to Dave for me!

  5. Hey Duncan,

    Great blog – love the poetry. I think I have just placed you as Duncan Andrews from Tamworth right? That being the case you’ve been to my old house (I am Hayley’s sister).


  6. I forgot to tick the box for follow ups, so I’m back.

  7. Hi Ali,
    Thanks. Yup, that’s me!
    Is your last name Payne? What a small world…

  8. Hi Duncan,
    Yup, that’s me too! And blogs are making the world even smaller.
    Nice to discover you here and I will follow along …

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