Posted by: duncandrews | June 13, 2009

Human Rights Consultation – Last chance!

by manic-mind on flickr

I’ve just been informed by the wonderful social issues executive that contributions to the National Human Rights Consultation close 5pm on the 15th June.

You can contribute here.

The committee is particularly interested in three questions:

  1. Which human rights and responsibilities should be protected and promoted?
  2. Are these human rights currently sufficiently protected and promoted?
  3. How could Australia better protect and promote human rights?

Here‘s my submission. Haven’t had as much time as I would have liked, and haven’t really stuck to their questions… And I didn’t mention the potential bill of rights – pretty major omission! But it’s something, which is better than nothing. I hope.

Here’s an excerpt:

The claim that Jesus is Lord to the exclusion of all other claims to authority, religious or otherwise, is fundamental to the Christian gospel. I am concerned that Christians continue to have the freedom to proclaim it. Christians have a responsibility to do this in a Christ-like way, with gentleness and respect; but the claim still stands, and Christ’s people will continue to proclaim it. This by its nature will cause offense to those who deny this lordship. But the potential for offense, and the consequent opportunities for a genuine engagement of conflicting beliefs, is the right, good and necessary price to pay for freedom, particularly religious freedom.

Any thoughts? Have I missed something? What would you include? I feel uneasy about talking about ‘rights’ in the first place, but also feel the need to engage in social issues when given the chance… So I’m confused!

Why don’t you go over and type something in yourself? It’s dead easy. Just do it before Monday afternoon…


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