Posted by: duncandrews | June 19, 2009

My Grandpa, M.B.E.

Grandpa lookin dapper

Grandpa lookin' dapper

It’s been an amazing few months for my mum, who has been researching her dad, my grandfather, and his story as a missionary in China and then as a captain in the Ghurkha Rifle Brigade of the British Army during WWII.

The most surprising turn of events has come with the discovery that Grandpa was made an M.B.E. by King George VI for his military service during WWII. It was for the role he played in keeping Japanese army from entering India, and regaining control of the Burma Road, the only link that the Chinese Nationalist Army had with the outside world.

It seems Grandpa never knew about his award, and the British couldn’t track him down after the war to give it to him. (He returned to Australia in 1949 with my grandma and my mum, having to leave after the People’s Republic was declared by Mao).

Anyway, so mum’s going to London to visit the Queen. Literally. How cool is that! Aparantly they’ve still got Grandpa’s insignia, and Her Majesty will present it in person!

You can hear an ABC radio interview with mum about it here.

And you can read my mum’s account of it all here.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge



  1. Very cool.

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