Posted by: duncandrews | July 28, 2009

Faith and generosity

I’ve just started reading Miroslav Volf’s ‘Free of Charge’, with high expectations given the wrap he gets. I have to say I’m still waiting to get into the book – for some reason it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. But I’m only on page 50 so perhaps it’ll come!

One thing I have appreciated though is this paragraph, on the relationship between faith and generosity:

… faith doesn’t tell us how little we are and what we can’t do. On the contrary, it celebrates what we most properly are – God’s empowered creatures – and it frees us to our greatest accomplishments… If faith denies anything, it denies that we are tiny, self-obsesed specks of matter who are reaching for the stars but remain hopelessly nailed to the earth stuck in our own self-absorption. Faith is the first part of the bridge from self-centredness to generosity. (p44)

Faith is open hands. Faith isn’t a ‘thing’ we own, but the recognition that we are ‘receivers and receivers only’. This recognition frees us to be truly generous, with neither patronising benevolence nor coercive, grasping love.

Pic on Flickr by Joseph Gurney



  1. Just updating through the family websites. I haven’t heard of Miroslav Volf. You’ll have to update me there.

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