Posted by: duncandrews | October 7, 2009

A morning prayer

Father, help me to see Jesus today
and not myself,
my failings or my merit;
not shaming guilt that blocks my way
nor pride, which does inherit
a poor, weak wealth,
a mirage; though fair,
when grasped is only air.

Father, help me to hear Jesus today
above the din,
the suffocating haze
of all this world which screams to say
that I AM worth my gaze.
Lord, make it dim
and fill my ear
with Jesus, sweet and clear.

Father, help me to love Jesus today
as he loved me
and show in that embrace
where in his bloodied arms I lay
all else receives its place
and can be loved truly.
Father, I plead,
help my great need.


(c) Duncan Andrews 2009


  1. and Amen!

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