Posted by: duncandrews | December 10, 2009


Pelican! You majestic creature!
I could watch you for hours
as you hang, suspended
as if from a string, in the afternoon breeze;
but then dip, surrendered
to unaffected whim, to soar as you please.
Or again as you skim
the cool glassy sea as if threading a lace:
with outstretched limb
you almost touch! Such effortless grace.

Pelican! You wretched creature!
Have you lost all your powers
as you fight and squabble
and scramble and snatch for a discarded fish,
your bill all a-wobble
and your too-frenzied eyes that betray your wish;
or as you waddle, unsure,
and stumble about with your awkward gait,
so pitiable? No more!
No more such disgrace, such a miserable fate.

Pelican! You confusing creature!


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