Posted by: duncandrews | March 14, 2010

The Bible: the question to all your answers

We’ve just finished a series at our new church on Job, and what has really stood out to me is the refusal of God to answer Job’s question, the burning question of anyone going through intense suffering – Why? God, frustratingly, just doesn’t go there. What he is interested in is the ‘how’ question – ‘how do you respond to suffering?’

Anyway, it was really interesting to read this in Larry Crabb’s Understanding People:

“If God is at all interested in our struggles, then we may assume that the questions He bothers to answer are relevant to the questions we would ask if we had the sense to ask the right questions. The fact is that our fall into sin has so warped our view of life that the questions for which we urgently seek answers may not be so important after all… Our questions often grow out of a demand that life work as we want it to along with a quiet unwillingness to look deeply and honestly at some ugly problems and internal pain hidden deeply within us.” (64-5)

It’s not uncommon to hear comments asserting that Jesus, or the bible,  is ‘the answer to all your questions’. But what if many of the questions that plague us are actually functions of our own pride and weakness? What if, in other words, there is such a thing as a dumb question? I have a feeling this has significant implications for a whole range of areas: suffering, guidance, sexuality to name a few.

Larry Crabb profoundly impacted my life with this book years ago… perhaps he’ll do it again with Understanding People. We’ll see!


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