Posted by: duncandrews | April 6, 2010

Healthy People

“Healthy people … know that in their deepest parts they have felt His (God’s) touch. That touch increasingly liberates them to be more fully involved with others. They are free to enter into other people’s lives, openly and vulnerably, with neither protection nor defensiveness, because they are not threatened by the pain of disappointment and conflict that inevitably occurs in rich involvement among fallen people… Mature Christians don’t retreat, they increase the level of their involvement. (Crabb, Understanding People, 125. Italics mine)

Crabb goes on to describe more of what a healthy (i.e. a ‘changed and continually changing image-bearer’) person looks like. He adds they experience a ‘marred joy’, knowing that things are not as they should be; they are not afraid of confusion, even welcoming uncertainty because they have ‘given up their claim to independence and control’; they struggle, sometimes fail, but know what it means to repent ‘from the core of their beings’; and they are not immune to emotional trouble, but feel it profoundly and painfully – but in hope of ‘a reality yet to be grasped’.

That’s a sort of existence I long for, and yet find so hard to realise. Why? What stops me from this depth of vulnerable and open love?

Well, it looks like that’s what Crabb is about to talk about… so stay tuned!

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