Posted by: duncandrews | December 27, 2010

Screwtape on SWABBing

I’ve just finished re-reading Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis, and have LOVED it. So, I thought I’d blog some highlights.
If you don’t know the book, it’s a satire written from the perspective of a senior devil to a junior one, giving advice on how to keep a certain young man from Christianity.

Screwtape writes:
“But the best of all is to let him read no science but to give him a grand general idea that he knows it all and that everything he happens to have picked up in casual talk and reading is ‘the results of modern investigation'”.
– Screwtape, p. 4

In other words, a great way to be kept from genuine humble christianity is to be what at uni we used to call a SWABBer – someone who ‘Speaks With Authority, But Bull’. The great thing about SWABBing is you can have an opinion about anything without really having put any thought into it at all – just what you’ve ‘happened to pick up in casual talk’.



  1. Good to be reminded.

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