Posted by: duncandrews | January 24, 2011

For Nate

A joy!
A gasp of breath,
defying death.
A pause: a moment rigid, still,
your face bewildered, blinking, until
the charm dispels
and a cry tells
of a boy.

A wait
for passing time,
for every sign
of change: a sound! a sleep! a smile!
A longer pause as we wait a while
for a man to emerge,
for potential to surge,
for Nate.

A prayer
for a shower of grace,
for a finished race,
for a faith to ground and a hope to guide
and a love that is kind and open and wide,
and when all is free
that I will see
you there.


  1. Beautiful poem.
    Bella likes listening to her uncle dunc sing the gypsy rover too. We listen to it all the time 🙂

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