Posted by: duncandrews | April 9, 2011

A life and death sermon (part 1)

On Luke 7:11-17. Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

They reckon that there’re two things in life that are certain, and you know the saying, right? Death and taxes. But strictly speaking I don’t think that’s true. After a quick Google search I found at least six countries in the world that have no personal income tax at all – none! The Bahamas, for example. So, you know, if you ever happen to be looking for a tax haven, there could be worse places to lie low…

So, taxes might not be certain. But that just leaves us with the other half of the saying. What is certain in life? Maybe not taxes, but what about death?

And we all know the answer: in the end we’ll all die. You might be able to find a tax-haven to live in, but there’s no place in the world that’s a haven from death.

It makes us uncomfortable, doesn’t it? It’s a sure way to kill a pleasant conversation… so to speak. You might like to try it, next time you’re having dinner with friends, and there’s that awkward silence when noone’s really got anything to say, just lean over to your friend and casually ask, ‘so… have you thought much about your death lately?’ It’s not likely to go down too well. I’m not sure you’d get invited back very quickly.

Why is it that death makes us so uncomfortable? Perhaps it’s because we feel like it could undermine everything we’ve lived for – we put all this effort into life, just to have it suddenly cut off. Or maybe we just don’t like the uncertainty of it – what, if anything, comes after it?

And you can understand that, can’t you? You can see why we don’t like to talk about it. The feeling that death kind of mocks us, raises all sorts of uncertainties and insecurities. It forces on us the confronting question – is there really anything more to our life, than our death?

Is there more to life than death? It’s a question that Jesus knew. But he didn’t shy away from it, he wasn’t embarrassed by it. For all we might struggle to come to terms with it, Jesus responded to death in a totally new and incredible way. And what he did changes everything for us.


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