Posted by: duncandrews | April 19, 2011

Wait, and do as you’re told

I’ve just started reading through the Narnia books with my 3yo girl – both of us are loving it. We read this from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe a few nights ago, and it struck me as a significant insight into what it means to follow Jesus.

Edmund’s just been rescued from the hands of the Witch, brought back to Aslan, and had a conversation with him that he ‘never forgot’. The Witch has come and demanded Edmund be given back to her…

Edmund was on the other side of Aslan, looking all the time at Aslan’s face. He felt a choking feeling and wondered if he ought to say something; but a moment later he felt he was not expected to do anything except to wait, and do what he was told.

It’s not a complete description of Christian ethics – a bit too deontological? – but there’s something very helpful about the image here. It’s a rebuke to our attempts to go about our lives by our own efforts, in our own strength. If our lives are not our own; if we have died and Christ lives in us; and if Jesus really is the crucified and risen Lord who fights and has fought for us; then I think there’s something very right about simply waiting on Him, and doing as we’re told.

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