Posted by: duncandrews | April 23, 2011

A life and death sermon (part 6): Life touches death

On luke 7:11-17. Series so far: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

You see, there’s another time that Jesus touched death. He touched it here, out of his compassion for this widow. But that wasn’t enough to deal with the core problem, to do what he ultimately came to do.

And so, not too long after he raised this son to life, Jesus came towards another place. It was a city this time, not a village, a place called Jerusalem. He still had a crowd with him. And they also were praising him. But it didn’t last long. Within days this crowd, which once cried out praises to Jesus, was crying out for his death. And that’s what they got. This one, this lord of life, they took his life, nailing him up on a roman cross to die the cruelest death.

It’s unthinkable, isn’t it? That Jesus, who gave the widow’s dead son back to her; who had power over even death itself, that he would die?

But he did, and he did it willingly. He did it because it was the only way to finally, once and for all, deal with death. To do what he came to do. He went to death for you, so you could be made alive again to God; so the core problem of your life, your rejection of God, could be fixed up, made right, forgiven.

But the story of Jesus isn’t just about a dead man on a cross. The incredible news of Easter is also about an empty tomb, three days later. Jesus took death on, but it didn’t overpower him. He defeated it, once and for all. He took its power into himself, let it do its worst to him…  and he exhausted it. Unlike the woman’s son, Jesus didn’t just go into death and back out again. His was a resurrection through death. He entered it, shattered it, broke its power, and came through the other side to be raised to a new eternal, undying life.


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