Posted by: duncandrews | September 1, 2011

Poem for a Four-Year-Old

It’s Very Important, said Abigail Ruth,
It’s Very Important to see –
I am not lying, I tell you the truth –
I am No-Longer-Three.

I can run and jump and dance and skip,
I’m so tall I can open the door.
Sometimes I hurt my knee when I trip;
but not very often, ‘cause I’m Four.

I love craft with mum, the friends on my shelf,
and daddy reading to me.
One day soon I’ll be reading myself
’cause I’m a Learning-Girl, you see!

I told my daddy the other day
why birthdays are so fabulous:
they’re a present from Jesus! So we’d better pray
and say thanks for the life he’s given us.


  1. Good one, DD!

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