Posted by: duncandrews | January 24, 2012

Just the girl for me

A boy, barely grown, feet apart
and shuffling, weight shifting side to side,
eyes and hands fidget; a beating heart
and racing mind before two worlds collide;
‘Waiting,’ I thought, ‘for just the girl for me.’

You were late! The shuffle quickened its pace,
the expectant crowd kept up their happy hum.
I dared look round a few times, my face
all nerves, all hope, my dry mouth struck dumb.
But I didn’t mind waiting for just the girl for me.

When worlds collide they smash and roil and spark
and by God’s grace transform to something new
and bright and lovely that makes its special mark
and colours the world with its own unique hue.
A world-touching world, with just the girl for me.

And then – Ah! – you came and walked and stood
and vowed and kissed and hugged and smiled and sung
and turned to me and told me that you would;
with just two words a miracle had begun.
The miracle of just the girl for me.


  1. Good one, DD.

  2. Still a romantic Duncan – good to see college hasn’t made you cynical.

    The effect is slightly spoilt by the advert for alzheimer’s association that appears on my screen directly under your photo.

    Hope you guys are doing well, it would be good to catch up some time.

  3. Hey John – would love to catch up.
    Alzheimer’s ad – yeah, I’m too stingy to pay for the ‘no-ad’ upgrade… But I’m not sure what that says about who google thinks my target audience is!

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