Posted by: duncandrews | September 1, 2012

All bright and alive: A poem for a five year old

There is a girl all bright and alive
who on this day is turning five.
Five! I don’t believe it’s true!
Wasn’t it yesterday you were two?
Or the day before when you were born,
our scraggly, crying little fawn?
But now I see you standing there
with your long legs and pretty hair
I can’t deny that five you are;
my little princess, my shining star.

Turning five is a very grand thing.
Not only can you make a swing
go up and down all by yourself
but you’ve read all the books on your shelf
(with just a little help from me).
And your pictures are a sight to see,
like a rainbow splashed onto a page;
and so I think it’s a very good age.
For on this day you are turning five,
our gift from God, all bright and alive.


  1. Happy brithday Abi!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from Papa and Ahma Wonderful poem about Miss Five.

  2. Very nice, Duncan! (Just read PBC weekly email and thought I’d check if you had any recent blog posts!)

  3. Are you the author of “all bright and alive” and, if so, may I use it in my granddaughter’s fifth year photo album along with credits to you?

    • Hi Michelle, yes, I’m the author, and yes you’re very welcome to use the poem. God bless.

      • Thanks, Duncan. I try and put an appropriate poem at the beginning of each yearly photo album I do for her. When I googled “poem for a five year old” yours popped up and was perfect. I appreciate you sharing and will note your name in the photo book.

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