Posted by: duncandrews | October 18, 2013

Nate, Who Is Three

It takes a while for you to smile;IMG_2661
but when you do – once you’ve stared through
everyone that’s around without a sound,
eyes burning holes into their souls;
once you know what’s what, what’s new and what’s not –

THEN IT’S ALL ON! And you’re suddenly gone,
without a trace on some great race,
or to find on a quest a buried pirate’s chest,
your booted feet clomping their beat,
your eyes wide and wild just like a pirate child;
or, as you declare with your mess of straw hair
that you won’t let us clip for fear we might slip
and your ear destroy; “No, dad, I’m a BOY.”

A Boy, don’t you see? A Boy Who Is Three.


  1. Love it! … and him!

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