Posted by: duncandrews | September 1, 2014

What Is Seven: a birthday poem

Goodnight, my love,IMG_4941
goodnight Three-Plus-Three!
When you wake up in the morning,
I don’t know what you’ll be.

Goodnight, little one,
goodnight Two-Plus-Four!
Whatever will you look like
when you open up your door?

For I’ve heard this is momentous,
The Great Age of Six-Plus-One.
How much taller will you be?
How much faster will you run?
Will you still hop like Peter Rabbit,
or shoot off to explore the sun,
or hide with Misters One and Three
writing notes and making sneaky fun?

But, ah! I know, I think I know,
I know the Mystery of What Is Seven.
It’s the same as when you were Minus One:
a gift. A precious gift from heaven.


  1. Loved the sound of it. A good dose to start the day.

  2. Happy birthday to the little girl 🙂

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