Posted by: duncandrews | March 1, 2017

Romans 1-4: The Glorious Gospel

romans-itunesFor most of last year, and this year, I’ve been preaching through the Bible’s incredible letter of the apostle Paul to the Romans. It’s been a fantastic experience, for me personally, and I pray for our church family as we’ve soaked in this great word.

Over a few posts I’ll put up my outlines for the series- hopefully a useful overview of the whole series. You can listen to the series here:

So here goes!

Romans 1-4: The gospel jewel that shines against a black velvet backdrop

The Powerful Gospel of God (Romans 1:1-17)

Here comes the evangelist!

The gospel of God (v1-5)

The gospel of God (v1)
… promised (v2)
… regarding his Son (v3-4)
… for the obedience of faith (v5)

The gospel for the Romans (v6-13)

The gospel for all who believe (v14-16)

The gospel revealing the righteousness of God (v17)

Unashamed of this gospel


The Heart of Darkness (Romans 1:18-32)

The dark backdrop

The Darkness: God’s wrath revealed (v. 18)

Wrath’s Reason
Failed worship (v. 18-20)

Exchanged worship (v. 21-25)

Wrath’s Expression
‘Giving over’ to our worship (v. 26-31)

Wrath’s Denial
Group-think worship (v. 32)

The wrath of God, the dynamics of sin, and the jewel of the gospel


Judge of the Secrets (Romans 2:1-29)

The age of outrage

The judgers judged (2:1-5)

The impartial judge (2:5-11)

The perfect judge (2:12-16)

The people of the judge (2:17-29)

Outrage, grief, and joy under the exposing judgment of God


Every Mouth Silenced (Romans 3:1-20)

Lost for words?

The story so far… (chapter 1-2)

The great announcement! (1:1-17)

The black velvet backdrop: The wrath of God (1:18-32)

Defence #1: The religious exception (2:1-29)

Defence #2: The logical exception (3:1-8)

The final verdict (3:9-18)

The defence rests (3:19-20)

Silence and praise before the God and Father of our lord Jesus Christ

The Great Reveal (Romans 3:21-26)

The jewel of the gospel

The Righteousness of God

A gift of grace

Received through faith

Accomplished by Christ

By grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone


Righteous by Faith Alone (Romans 3:27-4:25)

‘A leap of faith…’

The ‘law of faith’ (3:27-31)

Always righteous by faith: the witness of Abraham and David (4:1-15)

Abraham: father of many nations (4:16-25)

The faith of Abraham: trusting in the faithful God

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