Hi there, I hope you enjoy the blog.

My name’s Duncan Nathanael Andrews, which (sort of) means Brown Warrior who is Guileless and Manly. I’m working on it. I have two lovely ladies in my life, and two little men, who will probably appear in some way or another on this blog.

I’m a pastor among Jesus’ people at Trinity Hills Church, Adelaide.

I like hacking out poems, doing dodgy recordings on garageband, and talking about what it means to follow Jesus.


  1. great to hear you dd!! Love to hear your voice all the way over in ‘sunny’ N. Ireland xxxx

    • Hey Katy! Thanks – Laus said you had the nurses around listening in to my songs… I hope they were kind!

      From ‘sunnier’ Sydney:)

  2. I thought Nathanael meant “gift of God” from the Hebrew?

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Yeah, you’re right, that’s why I say ‘kind of’… Nathanael was also the guy without guile (John 1:47). A bit of creative license!

  4. wow! i like what you have turned this site into. your work is awesome, intriguing and informative. i like your creativity, keep it up and do stop by to say hi 🙂

  5. Hi Duncan,
    I’m doing a book review for this book myself for a Bible College assignment. I think that your comments about christological teleology and the resultant insufficiency of the ‘shalom’ concept are excellent insights. Just hadn’t occurred to me to link the doctrine of sin in this way to the telos. That will both help my assignment and, more importantly, my understanding of the tragedy of sin and the glory of Christ’s salvation. Like you, I also think that, overall, Plantinga’s book is a “gem”. Many thanks.

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